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We provide many options and opportunities for investors to grow their money in real estate.  We assist our investors in purchasing Real Estate that brings profit to them based on their needs. Whether they are looking for short term investment (Flipping) or long term investments, we tailor our search based on the investor's need and provide them with choices to fit their investment desire. In addition, we purchase defaulted mortgage notes directly from the banks and turn them into profit for the investor.  With quick turn-around, we get cash into each investor's pocket as quickly and as smoothly as possible. During our 30 years in the Real Estate business, we have developed personal relationships and contacts with banks and lenders, giving us an edge over our competition. Our goal is to make it a winning strategy for our clients and investors. Some of these options are discussed below. 

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  • ​Investors purchase our short sale homes to Fix & Flip or to Fix and Rent. 

  • Investors receive at least 8% - 25% (ROI) return on their money when we negotiate the short sale for them. 

  • We make sure to get YOU the most for your money. 

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  • Banks will take pennies on the dollar at times to just get rid of the headache and get rid of the bad debt on their records. 

  • We use our experience and knowledge in Real Estate to making situations like this a win-win for all parties including the owners who are in default. 

  • We buy notes all over the US and have returned over 200% profit to our investors in these transactions. 



  • When purchasing a property at auction, you have to have ALL CASH to bid. Yes, if a house is going for $500,000, you need to be prepared to have that amount of money. 

  • Under new CA laws (SB 1079), there is a new procedure for how trustee sales will take place and when the sale is final. We learned how to use this new process to help YOU maximize on your investment. Give us a call to learn more today!

  • Return between 10% - 200% on your money invested. 

For more information on what investment opportunities we can provide for you, give us a call today.

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